Explosion Proof Hydrogen Sensors – What You Need to Know


Are You Looking for an Explosion Proof Hydrogen Sensor?


Many times, the perceived need for explosion proof equipment is misplaced by assuming it is the only way to safely operate electrical equipment where there is a chance that a flammable mixture of gases may exist.  According to the standards governing the use of electrical equipment in hazardous locations, explosion proof rating is one of many ways (referred to as “protection techniques”) that can be used to meet the requirements.  When sourcing equipment to be used in these areas it is important to understand what level of protection the equipment is certified to provide, not necessarily how the equipment achieves that protection.

Areas where flammable atmospheres may be present are commonly classified by the form of flammable material, the likelihood that it will be present, and the specific group of materials to which the hazard belongs.

This is done to ensure that electrical equipment used in that classified area, or Hazardous Location, has been properly designed and certified to safely operate without igniting the flammable atmosphere should it occur.

More information on hazardous location definitions can be found on the web, but most areas using hydrogen for fuel cell applications are classified as Class I, Division 2, Group B in the US and Canada, or Class I, Zone 2 Group IIC for areas outside of the US and Canada.

This means that any electrical equipment which meets or exceeds those equipment protection levels can be operated safely without risk of causing an explosion or fire should an ignitable environment occur.

Equipment certification to operate in this specific environment can be achieved through many different protection techniques which include, but are not limited to, explosion proof enclosure designs.

The NTM SenseH2® is UL classified for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D using a protection technique known as non-incendive which prevents ignition caused by arcing or thermal effects by limiting the energy available within the equipment.  This product certification makes the NTM SenseH2® an ideal solution to hydrogen monitoring needs for fuel cell applications even those that have been classified as hazardous locations with the need for an explosion proof designation.

Navigating the maze of certification can be a challenge.

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