Sensors and Supply Chain

Having a robust supply chain is critical to keeping your business running at peak efficiency.  NTM Sensors understands the challenges and opportunities associated with solid supply chain management.  NTM Sensors will work with you to meet your supply chain needs.  Whether it’s inventory risk management, cost of ownership, or flexible supply agreements, NTM Sensors is ready and willing to work with you to create a framework that meets your needs.


Mitigating Risk:

The management of risk is at the heart of a quality supply chain.  Risk can manifest in many ways, from having delays on raw materials to tying up cash flow at inopportune times.  NTM Sensors is ready to set up flexible blanket orders with weekly, monthly, quarterly shipments to ensure you have the correct number of sensors in your inventory at all times.  We also maintain strict inventory thresholds to ensure that if you have an unexpected bump in your sensor demand we have you covered.

Spot buys are too risky and waste time; move away from them with someone that understands your needs.

Efficient and Effective:


Once you receive products you want them to work right out of the box.  NTM Sensors conducts quality control and calibration on 100% of the sensors that leave our facility.  We understand that your company is busy doing other activities to grow the business, customers, and market share the last thing you should have to do is prematurely calibrate a sensor.


Cost of Ownership:

NTM Sensors understand that the purchase price of a sensor isn’t the only measurement of cost.  Things like replacement cost for expired sensors to the time and effort it takes to recalibrate sensors negatively impact your total cost of ownership.  NTM Sensors offers a robust cost competitive sensor with a comprehensive one year warranty.  Our sensors do not need to be returned to the manufacturer for calibration which saves you time and unnecessary cost.

The last thing you want to have happened with a sensor product is to have to replace a significate number of sensors right out of warranty.  Let NTM Sensors show you how we are better than the rest.

Always Innovating:

Your company is always innovating to ensure you stay at the top of your industry; NTM Sensors is committed to the same goal.  We are always working to create the next product or sensor feature that has a positive benefit for you and your business.  Whether it’s adding low-end sensitivity for changing regulations or creating a sensor that lasts longer, NTM Sensors continues to find ways to make your life easier.

Why not take a minute to discuss how NTM Sensors can assist with your supply chain needs?  Contact us at, or fill in your contact info below to have a battery safety specialist contact you.