Nexceris’ Li-ion Tamer Announces Partnership with Honeywell

Li-ion Tamer has announced a global distribution partnership with Honeywell to increase the safety of lithium-ion batteries worldwide.

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Bringing experience to innovation

With over 25 years focusing on renewable energy, we help startups, current energy players or those looking to pivot into clean energy align their core competencies with our IP portfolio and experience in applying materials science to drive clean energy innovations.
Nexceris is more than just a supplier of materials or a R&D shop. We focus on partnering with organizations of all sizes to drive real commercial outcomes.
Whether identifying how our solid oxide cells can be applied to support stack development to integrate into our customers systems or how we can support hydrogen development through our SOEC work to produce stationary energy storage, we support customers drive to innovate and bring more renewable energy to the market.
Together We…
We bridge technology gaps. We license technologies. We prove the benefits of the unproven. We provide facilities and testing equipment. We supply and create materials. We develop products. We help you create products. We prevent lithium-ion fires. We support battery development. We get energy solutions to market faster. We streamline processes. We improve the quality, efficiency and safety of energy and environmental systems.
Ultimately, we collaborate with global customers and partners to transform powerful ideas that make energy production safer, more efficient and environmentally responsible.
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25 Years of Energy Experience

Energy Storage Safety

Protect your personnel, property, and brand from lithium ion battery incidents with new safety products that give you control at the earliest possible indication of failure.

Fuel Cell Materials

Commercializing innovative ceramic materials technology and products that will make an impact on the evolving solid oxide fuel cell, coatings, catalyst and battery applications.

Solid Oxide Stacks

Nexceris has been active in the development of Solid Oxide Cell Stack Technology since 2006. The heart of the stack technology is based on our patented electrolyte-supported “FlexCell” to provide power sources offering fuel flexibility, high efficiency, high power density and quiet operation.

Sensors & Monitoring

Combining materials science expertise with electrochemistry to create specialty sensor products for superior monitoring and detection of hazardous gases in complex environments, Nexceris’ sensors unit will continue to expand in the commercial realm.



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If your company is looking to pivot into clean energy and focus on areas like Hydrogen generation, Range Extenders or Electrolyzers, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you about possible partnership and investment opportunities. Nexceris brings a wealth of IP and experience with the ability to do more with the right partner. Contact Randall Stacy, Chief Commercial Officer, to discuss partnership or investment opportunities.

Working at nexceris

Nexceris is a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of products that improve efficiency, performance and cost of energy and environmental systems. The company does business in more than 70 countries through internet, distributors and direct sales. Products include solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), SOFC fuel cell components and materials, catalysts, sensors, gas monitors, coatings and government R&D services. Team members of Nexceris are passionate about working with customers to find innovative solutions facing our future needs for cleaner and more sustainable energy.