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Anywhere hydrogen is used or generated in research environments could benefit from safety monitoring. Fuel cell testing, battery overcharging, battery abuse testing and gas blending benches, for example, all offer opportunity for hydrogen leaks that could create flammable environments. A robust molded housing and convenient mounting holes make installation of the NTM SenseH2® fast and simple for easy installation in research laboratories. The 4-pin mating connector ensures effective communication to data acquisition devices, safety alarms and exhaust systems.

Universities & National Labs

We have a variety of products and services that support research and development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells (SOEC) at a number of universities and national labs.

Regarding some of our services for fuel cells, technological advancements usually take place at the button cell or 10 cm x 10 cm cell level. Nexceris’ Fuel Cell Business Unit directly supports this development by providing guidance to our Materials Business Unit when testing issues arise. Additionally, we have the vision of establishing a stack platform, which could be used in a joint project with University customers to validate their materials in a more product intent architecture.

Nexceris also has an entire Materials Business Unit which supports SOFC and SOEC developers. University and National Labs (U&NL) work diligently to advance various facets of the SOFC system from different material sets for anodes, cathodes, and electrolytes to upgrading components (cells, interconnects, seals, and balance of plant).

How our Materials group helps:

  • Offer standard materials so they can build their own fuel cells
  • Standard anode and electrolyte supported cells for baselining various substrates to make it easier to add custom electrodes
  • Industry known test fixtures so results can be trusted
  • Knowledge that U&NL can access to advance their research
  • Custom/tailored products based on U&NL needs

Nexceris’ Fuel Cell and Materials Business Units work closely with our customers to provide materials, components and testing support.

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