Solid Oxide Electrolysis

Advance Your Technology and Accelerate Time to Market

With 30 years of solid oxide experience, Nexceris is the development, testing, and commercialization partner you need for acceleration and rapid scale-up. We collaborate with private and public sector partners to advance SOEC technologies related to Hydrogen production and Co-electrolysis.

Core Benefits:

  • Help you scale faster
  • Customization of material solutions for your applications
  • Support technologies that advance ESG and clean energy goals by producing hydrogen while removing CO2
  • Vertically integrated: Powders, cells, stacks
  • Proven collaborative process—LEVER

SOEC Durability

SOEC Chart

Understanding the demand for these types of renewable sources, Nexceris is now developing technologies around SOEC. The research avenues in SOEC are similar to the ones for fuel cell, and the knowledge we have gained through SOFC research can be leveraged to push SOECs forward. As part of the effort Nexceris was recently awarded a project to research and produce advanced coatings to enhance the durability of SOEC stacks.

Nexceris also works with public and private sector partners to improve their SOEC technologies and allow for successful commercialization. Nexceris uses our proven LEVER process to fully understand our partners short and long term goals to allow for successfully execution of these projects in a cost effective and timely manner.


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