Nexceris has developed coating technologies for metallic and ceramic substrates to address materials issues in high-temperature systems. We provide a range of functional coatings for electrical, corrosion and catalytic applications using scalable, cost-effective processes. Leveraging a portfolio of intellectual property and manufacturing know-how, we help our customers create products that perform better, simplify operations and save money. Nexceris provides coating suspensions, coating services and process development services to customers around the globe.

Check out some of the products we already have in stock such as ChromLok™ and AlumiLok™. Check out and see if we can help develop a special concoction to fit your needs.

Our Catalyst Solutions team designs and manufactures custom catalysts for process chemistry and pollution abatement applications. Using our expertise in metals and metal oxides, we provide tailored solutions for customer‐specific needs.

The Catalyst Design team identifies custom catalyst formulations and manufacturing routes that create unique value for our customers.

Protective Coatings for SOFC Components

Ceramic coating technologies have been demonstrated to mitigate the performance reduction caused by degradation of chromium-containing ferritic stainless steel alloys. fuelcellmaterials has taken the lead in tailoring and demonstrating cost effective coating technologies, including manganese cobalt oxide (MCO) and aluminide protective coatings for the metallic interconnects and balance of plant parts for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs).

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