The fuelcellmaterials product line was established to commercialize innovative ceramic materials technology and products. These technologies and products are suited to the developing of Solid Oxide Cells (SOC) which includes Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cells (SOEC). The fuel processing markets include such items as: test fixtures, powders, inks and many other components.

fuelcellmaterials is backed by its dedicated staff of materials scientists and engineers who deliver high-quality materials and assist in helping our clients meet all of their needs. This high level of expertise allows our team to quickly and accurately tailor our powders and components to fit the needs and processes of our customers. These changes can be as simple as a physical property change or as complex as streamlining to a material to work with specific applications. Contact us if you think we can help with your needs.

Through its fuelcellmaterials brand, Nexceris offers high-quality materials for many established and emerging energy markets. Utilizing over 20 years of ceramic and material science expertise Nexceris has many commercially available materials as well as the ability to manufacture tailored solutions around our customers’ applications.


Solving Problems

Nexceris can help with the entire process from R&D through product launch.


Nexceris has the ability to prove out product concepts on lab scale equipment before moving to tonnage quantities. We keep volume manufacturing in mind to develop scalable processes for our partners. We also have a strong distribution network to ensure global reach.

Flexible Business Models

Nexceris is open to many working agreements and has experience with licensing, technology transfer, supply agreements and in-house value added manufacturing. We work with our partners to find the best business arrangement for the situation.

LEVER Process

LEVER Process

Our Proven Process Saves Time and Resources

Learn – Nexceris works with your team to learn your needs and requirements.

Estimate – Nexceris estimates the product value, using production scale models of the envisioned process to increase production.

Validate – Nexceris validates the recommended process through lab-scale tests and delivery of material for testing.

Enhance – Nexceris enhances the value of the work by confirming process reproducibility and identifying process control limits.

Results – Nexceris provides actionable results to maximize value for your team.

Our Commitment to Quality

In 2011, fuelcellmaterials was awarded the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 certification, and we were recently awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification based on the most up to date international standard. This voluntary registration validates our uncompromising commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to the satisfaction of our customers. The certification applies to all areas of fuelcellmaterials.com’s operations, including research, testing and manufacturing.

Our ISO 9001:2015 registration was awarded by ASR International Corporation, an accredited registrar that performs assessments of management systems against requirements of national and international standards for quality.

Committed to Quality through the Achievement of:
  • Development of innovative process and product solutions
  • On-time delivery of products and services to our customers
  • Provide for the safety and empowerment of our employees
  • Continuous improvement of operations and our quality system
What Quality Means To Us:
  • Outstanding customer service and technical support
  • Proven processes and procedures
  • Repeatable and traceable lots
  • Custom materials tailored to customer requirements and specifications
  • In-stock standard products and fast delivery times
  • Strong communication with clients

Nexceris Updates

What are the Benefits and Best Applications of Cathode Powders?  A Closer Look at LSM20-HP, LSC, and PCO

Cathode powders are materials that can be used in various electrochemical applications, such as solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs), gas sensors, and more. Due to their unique properties and performance characteristics, Lanthanum Strontium Manganite (LSM20-HP), Lanthanum Strontium Cobaltite (LSC), and Praseodymium Cerium Oxide (PCO) are beneficial materials.

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Nexceris and FCM attending H2 + FC EUROPE 2024

Nexceris and Fuel Cell Materials (FCM) are excited to participate in Hydrogen + Fuel Cells (H2 + FC) EUROPE, Europe’s largest trade fair for hydrogen and fuel cells. H2 + FC EUROPE offers a unique combination of exhibitions, two forum areas, and networking events to promote synergy and cross-industry cooperation between different technologies dedicated to solving global energy challenges.

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FCM-FC Expo 2024

Nexceris & FCM Attending H2 & FC Expo 2024

Nexceris and Fuel Cell Materials (FCM) are excited to take part in the H2 and FC Expo (International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo) held at the Big Sight convention center in Tokyo, Japan from February 28th to March 1st as part of Smart Energy Week.

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