Battery Technology

Cutting Edge Sodium Solid-State Battery Technology

The clean energy transition requires a massive expansion of energy storage capacity. Adena Power’s battery addresses the need for alternative, non-lithium energy storage technologies that are safer, lower cost and longer duration.

Nexceris is proud to be on the cutting edge of battery technologies that support clean energy storage. 

Our Approach

Our approach is to build upon and innovate past existing battery technologies to address manufacturing and cost challenges, without sacrificing performance.

The combination of sustainable low-cost raw materials and simple, scalable manufacturing processes enables a low-cost battery that can achieve the aggressive cost targets to be competitive in the stationary energy storage market. We use only abundant, domestically sourced materials. The result? Sustainable, sodium solid-state batteries that eliminate supply-chain disruptions and price volatility.

Battery Materials

At Nexceris, we have significant experience and expertise in researching and developing the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. In fact, Nexceris is leading a multi-year project funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) to develop cathode materials for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. We are also exploring and generating high-voltage spinel cathodes and cobalt-free cathodes.

We want to know what battery challenges you have and how can we assist you. 

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A reimagining of established sodium battery chemistry

Leveraging our more than 25 years of ceramic manufacturing expertise we have established a strong intellectual property position. Our enabling cell design is protected by multiple patent filings, which in combination with extensive processing know-how and unparalleled market access, gives us a significant sustainable advantage.

Battery Technology

Solving Problems

Nexceris can help with the entire process from R&D through product launch.


Nexceris has the ability to prove out product concepts on lab scale equipment before moving to tonnage quantities. We keep volume manufacturing in mind to develop scalable processes for our partners. We also have a strong distribution network to ensure global reach.

Flexible Business Models

Nexceris is open to many working agreements and has experience with licensing, technology transfer, supply agreements and in-house value added manufacturing. We work with our partners to find the best business arrangement for the situation.

LEVER Process

Our Proven Process Saves Time and Resources

Learn – Nexceris works with your team to learn your needs and requirements.

Estimate – Nexceris estimates the product value, using production scale models of the envisioned process to increase production.

Validate – Nexceris validates the recommended process through lab-scale tests and delivery of material for testing.

Enhance – Nexceris enhances the value of the work by confirming process reproducibility and identifying process control limits.

Results – Nexceris provides actionable results to maximize value for your team.

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