The multi-disciplinary nature of Nexceris’ technology business creates a wealth of innovative concepts and product opportunities. To focus its team on the best opportunities for success, Nexceris uses a structured Innovation approach, called Innovation Engineering. Using a framework of brainstorming and risk assessment activities, teams strive to identify the major technical and business ‘death threats’ to a potential product and use structured Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles to address them. Nexceris also maintains a comprehensive system for documenting product concepts to reduce duplication and accelerate related product development efforts.

Intellectual Property

Since its founding in 1994, Nexceris has vigorously protected its IP worldwide by applying for patents and maintaining trade secrets. In general, Nexceris applies for patent protection for innovations related to products or composition of matter and holds product by process and process related innovations as trade secrets. Nexceris’ current patent portfolio includes 14 U.S. patents and 18 foreign patents, with multiple other pending patent applications. 

Product Development

Nexceris uses a customized Stage-Gate process to structure its product development work. The gated system is designed to keep teams focused on addressing the most pressing technical and business hurdles to product launch. The process also establishes internal firm gates that maintain focus on confirming technology readiness, technical specification development, marketing activities to support product launch and recurring tests against the voice of the customer.

Product Delivery

Because people are Nexceris’ our most important asset, Nexceris strives to advance skill sets and capabilities across its manufacturing operations. Intelligent and diligent team members deliver the high-quality and customized solutions that customers require. Nexceris takes pride in providing innovative solutions that allow its customers to grow and succeed. Nexceris’ quality system and ISO 9001:2015 certification allows the company to deliver high-quality and repeatable standard products and materials. Nexceris’ Operations is supported by a fundamental belief in Lean Manufacturing and continuous focus on safety, quality, delivery and cost.

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