Nexceris’ Sensors Business Unit has been rapidly expanding in the commercial realm. Current sensor product lines include Li-ion Tamer® and NTM Sensors. Li-ion Tamer® is a safety system that predicts imminent failure from lithium-ion batteries before going into thermal runaway. The NTM line is specifically for monitoring hydrogen gases.

However, that is not all that we can do when it come to sensors. We are constantly trying to innovate new products that will make a safety impact on the evolving storage, renewable and reusable energy storage markets.

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Safety of lithium-ion battery systems is paramount. With the proliferation of lithium ion battery systems in safety critical applications such as marine, aviation, residential and automotive, the margin for error is extremely small. A single safety incident in these markets could slow the adoption of lithium ion batteries which have proven to be valuable to meet today’s rigorous energy demands.

Li-ion Tamer® is a new line of products designed by Nexceris to make batteries safer. Our approach provides unique information about the condition of the battery through monitoring for off-gassing event from the cells. This approach can provide the early warning necessary to take action to prevent a battery fire in your system.

Hydrogen Sensors

Through our extensive work in emerging technologies and environmental markets, we recognized a large deficiency in the quality of hydrogen safety sensors and monitoring systems. The current systems were effective in detecting leaks and dangerous levels of various gases in the air, but any variety of gases could potentially set off the sensor.

In 2010, NTM Sensors was formed as a business unit of Nexceris to actuate our vision of providing specialized sensing systems for these neglected markets, and provide better sensing options to manufacturers. NTM Sensors leveraged its unique chemiresistive sensing technology to launch its initial product – the NTM SenseH2® hydrogen sensor. NTM Sensors also has recently produced its NTM SenseH2®-R hydrogen sensor.

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