Nexceris has world-class capabilities for the production of catalyst materials from small-scale through pilot-scale volumes. Materials can be provided in a range of forms including powders extrudates, pellets and granules for use in life sciences, fine chemicals, and in industrial petrochemical sectors. Nexceris has an extensive catalyst portfolio of standard proprietary formulates which can be readily customized to achieve specific customer requirements.

Nexceris has experience developing catalyst solutions for the following process technologies:

  • Steam methane reforming
  • Water-gas-shift
  • Biogas reforming
  • Methanol synthesis
  • Organic synthesis

Nexceris has developed a wide range of process technologies for the application of catalyst coatings and provides catalyst coating services. Capabilities include washcoating and aerosol-spray deposition of catalysts onto both metallic and ceramic substrates, including planar plates, foams and monoliths.

Applications include:

  • Automotive emissions control
  • Municipal and industrial waste emissions control
  • Distributed hydrogen generation
  • Advanced energy storage, including metal-air batteries
  • Solid oxide fuel cells

Nexceris works in a highly collaborative manner and actively seeks opportunities to partner with research organizations to advance catalyst technologies further, faster. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies and U.S. National Laboratories, along with leading developers in the energy and environmental markets.

Custom Catalysts

Our Catalyst Solutions team designs and manufactures custom catalysts for process chemistry and pollution abatement applications. Using our expertise in metals and metal oxides, we provide tailored solutions for customer‐specific needs. The Catalyst Design team identifies custom catalyst formulations and manufacturing routes that create unique value for our customers.

Our Expertise

The Catalyst Solutions teams work with clients under agreements with well‐defined approaches to intellectual property generation, protection and sharing. We excel at collaborative catalyst discovery and development for specific customer processes.

Catalyst Capabilities


  • Catalysts prepared from proprietary blends or from customer-specific information
  • Supported metal or mixed metal catalysts
    • Using commercially available support materials
    • Supplied by customers
    • Using Nexceris’ proprietary methods
  • Forms, shapes and sizes
    • Powders
    • Pellets
    • Tablets
    • Extrudates
    • Spheres
  • A variety of physical, chemical and mechanical characterization capabilities


  • Tailored to customer needs through application of the LEVER Process
  • Coating slurries formulated from Nexceris’ proprietary blends or commercial catalysts
  • We seek partnerships to extend technologies for our mutual benefit

How To Purchase Our Catalysts

Nexceris tailors its catalyst solutions to customer needs. Catalyst materials can be provided on a range of monolithic forms or as granules, when required.

By working together with customers, we can often provide greater value by suggesting particular forms or system level solutions we provide.

Contact our Catalyst sales division today to learn more about the options available for the solution you need.

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