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Developing Solid Oxide Cells is Challenging, We Can Help

Developing energy solutions to reduce the dependency on non-renewable energy sources is not for the weary, especially if lacking the technology or technical expertise to develop a portion of the solution. Solid Oxide Cells are part of the solution to developing these systems. But where does a startup or small company begin if they do not have the manufacturing facilities or access to the necessary test and qualification equipment?

With 25 years of focusing our materials science expertise on creating innovative products that improve the quality, efficiency and safety of energy and environmental systems, this is where Nexceris can help. Nexceris understands that many SOC developers are trying to bring their solutions to market as quickly as possible, but do not have their processes or technologies vertically integrated, because it can be cost prohibitive. We have a proven collaboration method with partners of all sizes, called the LEVER Process, which utilizes your technology and Nexceris’ expertise, to allow our partners move to faster to commercialization.

We have the ability to prove the benefits of any technology in development, where the applications have yet to be defined their application to a larger energy system. Nexceris utilizes its expertise in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and electrolysis (SOEC), materials development and our extensive IP portfolio to support people who have a great concept or partially formed technology, but need a partner to gain access to equipment, testing or years of expertise to bring the technology to commercialization more efficiently.


Nexceris LEVER Process Graphic

LEARN – Nexceris works with your team to learn your needs and requirements.


ESTIMATE – Nexceris estimates the product value, using production scale models of the envisioned process to increase production.


VALIDATE – Nexceris validates the recommended process through lab-scale tests and delivery of material for testing.


ENHANCE – Nexceris enhances the value of the work by confirming process reproducibility and identifying process control limits.


RESULTS – Nexceris reports the revised cost model and the best remaining opportunities for process improvement.


Developing and testing material sets that achieved specs

New Material Design and Scale Up

New Material Design and Testing

Providing Scale-Up of Downselected Materials

Development and Scaling of Key SOC Material

Increased Manufacturability of Customer Material Design

Scaleup of Customer Material Design