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Sensors that deliver highly sensitive and rapid responses to the presence of hydrogen in ambient air, creating a new level of safety and protection in your work environment.

World Class Development

NTM Sensors is creating products that will significantly benefit the world. From NOx emission sensing to battery health monitors NTM Sensor has you covered.

Nexceris Hydrogen Detection System

Applications that Matter

NTM Sensors focuses it efforts and product lines around applications that affect us all. Fuel cell, battery and nuclear areas are just some of the areas that we reside.

NTM Sensors combines materials science expertise with advanced electrochemistry to create specialty sensor products for superior monitoring and detection of hazardous gases in complex environments.


Through our extensive work in emerging technologies and environmental markets, we recognized a large deficiency in quality safety sensors and monitoring systems suited for these markets. The current systems were effective in detecting leaks and dangerous levels of various gases in the air, but any variety of gases could potentially set off the sensor.

We knew we couldn’t be the only ones disappointed in the gas sensing and monitoring solutions available. For such tailored markets, like the ones in which we work, you need tailored products. So, we resolved to create innovative and highly selective sensors designed specifically for the advanced technologies and environmental markets in which we were working.

In 2010, NTM Sensors was formed as a business unit of Nexceris to actuate our vision of providing specialized sensing systems for these neglected markets, and provide better sensing options to manufacturers. NTM Sensors leveraged its unique chemi-resistive sensing technology to launch its initial product – the NTM SenseH2® hydrogen sensor. It has since produced the NTM SenseH2-R® hydrogen sensor and has several more products in the works.


Whether you need a sensor to incorporate into an existing system or need the whole system, we have it.

NTM SenseH2 Hydrogen Sensor

Hydrogen Sensors

Our hydrogen sensors are a great option for incorporating into a system that uses or generates hydrogen. They can easily be installed and connected to the interface of your choice.

Hydrogen Detection Systems & Alarms

Our hydrogen alarm systems offer a complete solution for environments where hydrogen may be present. The systems are ideal for stationary applications such as room monitoring.

NTM Calibration Kit

Hydrogen Sensor Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories to ensure you receive accurate and reliable results from our sensor products.

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