Nexceris is an energy company that develops innovative sensor, power generation, and catalyst solutions. Founded in 1994, Nexceris’ vision is to create a better world through energy innovations. The company collaborates with global customers and partners to transform powerful ideas to make energy production safer, more efficient and environmentally responsible.

Nexceris has a deep heritage in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) development. We have a wealth of experience including: manufacturing cells, stack fabrication and synthesizing materials. Because we are vertically integrated, we are able to tailor our technology to meet demands of many applications.

SOFC technology offers a lot of promising attributes, such as high-efficiency, high-power density, quiet operation and high-quality power, and can be adapted to fit a wide array of industries. There are numerous markets where SOFC stack technology could play a major role; military, distributed power generation (micro-grid), range extender for vehicles, residential power generation, data center power, and power for communications. The Nexceris Fuel Cell Business Unit is currently focusing on developing stacks for commercial and military applications.

Some other attributes that we can provide are novel cell designs, internal reforming technology, SOFC modeling, and testing of large-area, high-power fuel cell stacks.

In turn, due to the closeness in technology, we have also begun researching the realm of Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cells (SOEC).

The Li-ion Tamer® products were developed by the dedicated team at Nexceris. Founded in 1994, Nexceris prides itself in its core values of innovation, customer service, passion and integrity. Our dual passions for safety and supporting the growth of clean alternative energy led us down the path of the Li-ion Tamer® development. First conceived as a safety device for nuclear submarines, the product has evolved into products and conceptual products for the marine, transportation, grid storage, residential energy and laboratory safety markets. Our work with the U.S. Navy resulted in an expanded team of developers that included DNV-GL and Beckett Energy Systems in work funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. This was followed by several efforts aimed at making our service ships safe. More recently we are working with the Federal Aviation Administration to study ways of detecting battery issues in aviation.

The Nexceris team is proud of its many products that have been successfully introduced to the market and will continue to provide products that improve the quality, efficiency and safety of energy and environmental systems. This is our vision for the future. We hope to share our vision with you and to provide you with products that enhance yours. Please rely on us as your battery safety team of experts.

Nexceris Materials Units has been rapidly expanding. It includes our well know brand fuelcellmaterials. But that is not all that we can do when it comes to materials. We are constantly trying to innovate new products that will make an impact on the evolving fuel cell, coatings, catalyst and battery opportunities.

fuelcellmaterials was established in 2000 as a wholly-owned brand of Nexceris to commercialize innovative ceramic materials technology and products. These technologies and products are suited to the developing of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and fuel processing markets which include such items as: test fixtures, powders, pastes catalysts and components.

fuelcellmaterials is backed by its dedicated staff of materials scientists and engineers who deliver high-quality materials and assist in helping our clients meet all of their needs. This high level of expertise allows our staff to quickly and accurately tailor our powders and components to fit the needs and processes of our clients. These changes can be as simple as a physical property change or as complex as streamlining a material to work with specific applications.

In 2010, NTM Sensors was formed as a business unit of Nexceris to actuate our vision of providing specialized sensing systems for these neglected markets, and provide better sensing options to manufacturers. Through our extensive work in emerging technologies and environmental markets, we recognized a large deficiency in quality safety sensors and monitoring systems suited for these markets. For such tailored markets, like the ones in which we work, you need tailored products. So, we resolved to create innovative and highly selective sensors designed specifically for the advanced technologies and environmental markets in which we were working.

NTM Sensors leveraged its unique chemiresistive sensing technology to launch its initial product – the NTM SenseH2® hydrogen sensor. It has since produced the NTM SenseH2®-R hydrogen sensor and has several more products in the works.



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