Are You Curious About How your Lithium Ion Batteries Fail? We Can Help Ensure You are Safe!

Are you curious about how your lithium ion batteries fail?

Nexceris’ Li-ion Tamer® team has an active lithium ion battery testing program. In this program, we have the ability to characterize battery failures using the following methods:

  • Thermal abuse
  • Electrical abuse
  • Mechanical abuse

These abuse factors can simulate fundamental causes of lithium ion batteries failures in real world applications. We utilize these factors to observe and understand the ways lithium ion batteries fail and utilize this knowledge to help you create solutions which can aid in the mitigation of these events.

Regardless of whether the test is an over discharge, overcharge, thermal abuse, or nail puncture test, we record the electrical and environmental characteristics of the cell, such as voltage, current, and temperature. We also utilize off-gas monitors and smoke detectors for characterizing the gas space around the cells, record videos of the failures, and take pictures of the cells before and after the failures.This information can be used in many different ways.

  • Manufacturing improvements
  • Improved BMS control
  • Robust enclosure design
  • Early detection and mitigation through off-gas monitoring


Any and every part of the lithium ion battery supply chain can benefit from these tests and Nexceris’ program is open and accepting new battery cells for failure characterization.

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