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Through developing safety products for the lithium ion battery market, Nexceris’ Li-ion Tamer® team has become familiar with the safety approaches for making lithium ion batteries a safer technology. Lithium ion batteries have become an increasingly integrated part of society and have solidified their part in our future. However, despite their presence in our everyday lives, their inherent fragility has created a need for innovative safety approaches.

These safety approaches provide several functions ranging from fundamentally safer lithium ion battery chemistries to ventilation and gas detection within battery spaces or rooms and many other approaches in between. Among these functions, there are two fundamental categories of safety approaches, sensing, and mitigation. Sensing functions provide information on the state of the batteries, for example, voltage, current, temperature, or off-gas sensing. Mitigation functions respond to sensing functions and either try to reduce the likelihood of lithium ion battery events occurring or are responsive actions to battery events meant to reduce the severity of their occurrence. The correct combination of sensing, mitigation and redundancy is a powerful combatant to the fragility of lithium ion batteries.

We are intimately familiar with all safety mechanisms, whether it be at the cell, module, rack, or room level, Nexceris has the knowledge on when and where certain approaches are appropriate. If you’re looking for advice on any aspect of battery safety, reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help you.

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