FCM at the SOFC-XV Symposium in Hollywood, Florida

Fuelcellmaterials will be exhibiting at the 15th International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC-XV) in Hollywood, Florida, July 23rd through 28th, organized by the Electrochemical Society. Our sales manager Chris Corwin will be there at the show and would be happy to speak with you. Please be sure to stop by our booth (#202) in the exhibit hall which is located in the Grand Ballroom East.

We would be excited to discuss how our products and technology can help you achieve better and more consistent results in your research. We will bring examples of our NextCells, cathode and electrolyte powders, and test manifolds, and we will answer any questions that you have on these products. We will also bring examples of several coating solutions that we offer for increasing the lifetime and performance of interconnects within your stack design.

Gene Arkenberg, our lead stack engineer, will be presenting an update on our SOFC stack technology on Thursday July 27th at 9:20am in the Atlantic Ballroom 3. Our stack technology is based on our patented FlexCell design, achieving high single pass fuel utilization without sacrificing performance, and also achieving strong performance and stability with sulfur containing fuels. Please come and hear more details about this technology from one of our experts on the subject.

Come watch our presentation on SOFC stack technology Thursday July 27th at 9:20am in the Atlantic Ballroom 3