Installing the Hydrogen Detection System with Relays

The accumulation of hydrogen gas has the potential to be an unseen risk. Hydrogen is a colorless and odorless gas which is not easily detected apart from a targeted detection system. Further, due to hydrogen’s wide flammability range and low minimum ignition energy, a hydrogen monitoring system should be part of any hydrogen safety plan.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]NTM Sensors provides hydrogen monitoring solutions including our hydrogen detection system.  The hydrogen detection system is based on our patented hydrogen sensor device which provides reliable detection of hydrogen in air below the lower flammability level.

Installation of the system is simple and flexible to meet the requirements of your facility.  The mounting plate of the alarm panel is designed for both direct wall mounting or mounting to a standard 2-gang junction box.  Simply connect the control panel to up to two hydrogen sensors to provide reliable detection of hydrogen in your facility and provide the peace of mind that hydrogen is not beginning to accumulate.

NTM Sensors’ hydrogen detection system also comes standard with built in relays which activate when hydrogen levels reach one and two percent.  Normally open and normally closed contacts allow for actuation of mitigating equipment such as exhaust fans or supplemental alarms.  The contacts can also be used to connect the detection system to a building management system or other remote monitoring equipment.

Do not let unseen risks at your facility turn into big problems.

Installing a hydrogen detection system is easier than you think.

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