Refresh of Anode Supported Cell Product Line

In an effort to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the SOFC market, fuelcellmaterials has worked closely with its customers and partners to refresh our anode supported cell (ASC) product line.

Anode supported cells are a great starting point for intermediate temperature (below 700°C) SOFC research and development.  Using an ASC, you receive an optimal balance of membrane and ionic function by using a very thin electrolyte.

fuelcellmaterials’ anode supported cells use a NiO/YSZ anode support, a YSZ electrolyte, a GDC barrier layer and an LSC cathode electrode.  They are still available as a complete cell as well as a half cell, for those people interested in printing their own cathode layer.  The standard sizes include 20 mm & 25 mm diameter button cells and 5 cm x 5 cm square or larger planar cells.

The complete ASC fuel cell has the following specifications:

LSC Cathode Electrode
12 μm Thickness

GDC Barrier Layer
3 μm Thickness

YSZ-8 Electrolyte
3 μm Thickness

NiO/YSZ Anode Electrode Support
400 μm Thickness

What’s New

Modifications to the ASCs include changes to the thickness of the layers, including a thinner anode support to improve mass transport to the functional layers.

The cathode layer has been changed to LSC to provide a more optimal performance at lower stack operating temperature.  For those people interested in researching other cathode materials, LSM or LSCF layers can be printed on the cells instead.

As shown in Figure 1 below, tests run on the ASCs show typical performance curves at 600 ℃, 650 ℃ & 700 ℃.

Making The Choice

fuelcellmaterials maintains comprehensive inventory of the standard size half cell and full cell anode supports so that we can provide the parts quickly.  In addition, we are willing and able to provide custom sizes and thickness to support the wide variety of our customer’s research and development requirements.

Please contact one of our product specialists to discuss how fuelcellmaterials’ anode supported cells can be used for your project.