National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

Everyone here at fuelcellmaterials is extremely excited for October 8th, because it happens to be National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. October 8th officially became a holiday three years ago, as part of a campaign to raise awareness for clean energy technologies – specifically technologies using hydrogen and fuel cells. The creators of the holiday chose 10/08 because 1.008 is the atomic weight of hydrogen.

Some companies engaged in the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are celebrating by giving tours of their facilities (like our friends at SARTA), scheduling press releases to coincide with the holiday, offering free downloads of hydrogen standards, and posting on social media outlets with the hashtags #HydrogenNow and #FuelCellsNow. This year, we are celebrating the day with a fuel cell inspired cake!


We have our (proverbial) party hats on because we think National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day is an awesome holiday. As innovators in the field of fuel cells and clean energy, we believe it is so important to promote awareness of the existing and upcoming technologies that will allow everyone to have a clean and sustainable future. 


None of us at fuelcellmaterials, however, limit ourselves to promoting clean energy and fuel cell technologies just one day out of the year. We strive to promote our fellow fuel cell researchers by posting their papers when they are submitted to us online. We offer a number of commercial products which can be used as a standard for testing. We also share our expertise, gained through 10+ years of experience; through the content we share on our website and our team of engineers who work to answer your fuel cell questions.


So here is to National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, and a clean and sustainable future for everyone! We hope you all have a great time celebrating.