Happy Anniversary Nexceris!

[Entering our 24th year, we are more excited about our opportunities than ever in our history.  Our dedicated team’s focus on moving our materials technologies into integrated commercial products is helping us create innovative solutions for many important energy sectors.  Products on the horizon for 2018 include nuclear safety systems, our Li-ion Tamer® lithium ion battery safety systems, and many new innovations for our fuel cell and traditional battery customers.  We continue to execute on our R&D pipeline for the next generation of products in stationary and military power, and more efficient and cleaner processing of traditional energy resources.  Our successful ISO-9001:2015 registration in 2017 will allow us to continue to develop, manufacture and deliver quality products for our many customers around the world.

The rapidly changing technology environment provides ample opportunities for companies with strong innovations systems, integrated multidisciplinary teams, and nimble business processes.  Our greatest assets are our associates, our customers and our commercial and military partners.  Together we will collaborate, innovate and develop many new products that will make the world safer, cleaner, and more energy efficient.  We will continue to seek out the brightest talent and best partners to help us create these solutions.  Come join us!

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These are the topics in 2018 that excite our team:

  1. Autonomous vehicles
  2. Reducing greenhouse gases to slow climate change
  3. Fuel cells that provide outrageous levels of power and energy density
  4. Clean power on demand
  5. Making the work environment safer