AIChE Conference Presentation and Poster Session

Nexceris recently presented during the 2017 annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) in Minneapolis, MN.  This meeting is billed as the premier educational forum for chemical engineers interested in innovation and professional growth.  Our Director of New Product Launch, Matthew Seabaugh gave a presentation on our internal reforming technology for solid oxide fuel cells and point-of-use hydrogen generation at the conference.  Naftali Opembe, our catalyst product specialist, participated in the poster session, with a focus on how our SupirCatTM technology is evolving for SOFC application.  Here is a link to the poster that we presented showing our internal reforming catalyst research.

Nexceris has leveraged its expertise specialty coatings to develop a proprietary aluminization process known as AlumiLokTM. In this process, a layer of aluminide and aluminum oxide is deposited on stainless steel plates by a low-cost, high volume process. AlumiLokTM protects the elements in the stainless steel from oxidizing at high temperature and prevents corrosion attack by carbon and sulfur.

Advantageously, the same protection layer can be used to support a thin coat of reforming catalyst. SupirCatTM catalysts immediately achieve equilibrium conversion when heated to reaction temperature with or without a reducing step. This allows SOFC developers to integrate a high performing internal reforming catalyst into their systems with a choice of catalysts that align with their manufacturing needs.  We recently wrote a white paper on this topic as well which goes into more detail, you can view the white paper by filling out the form below.

We would be very interested in discussing the benefits of our internal reforming research with potential partners in this field. Please contact Matt Seabaugh for more information and if you have interest in integrating this technology into your stack testing.

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