Li-ion Tamer partners with American Fire Technologies

Li-ion Tamer® and American Fire Technologies ( will be partnering to deliver the ultimate safety solution for stationary lithium-ion battery systems. AFT & Li-ion Tamer will look to implement the best detection scheme possible for preventing, containing and mitigating lithium-ion battery failures. This will include technologies for addressing all stages of a battery failure, as shown in the failure stages icon below.
The Li-ion Tamer off-gas monitor has the ability to diagnose off-gas events released by single cells with the Rack Monitor (Li-ion Tamer Rack Monitor product page). By being able to detect single cell off-gassing events, thermal runaway can be prevented. AFT provides full service fire protection solutions from system design and installation to testing, maintenance and consulting. The systems provided by AFT will be fully compliant with all NFPA regulations, including NFPA 855.
“The Li-ion Tamer® off-gas monitor helps complete AFT’s full system integration for lithium-ion battery safety systems. Their products provide a unique perspective and effective preventative monitoring approach for li-ion systems. Our partnership and dedication to safety will create a safer platform for energy storage system integrators and utilities looking to integrate li-ion energy storage.” – Paul Hayes, CEO American Fire Technologies
With Li-ion Tamer and AFT providing both preventative approaches as well as state-of-the-art containment approaches, li-ion battery end users and integrators can be sure that the safest possible approach is taken to address catastrophic battery failures.
While li-ion battery events are rare, they do happen.  By recognizing this, we can take the necessary steps to improve our battery safety, handling, and usage, making the world a safer place.  If you need help getting started, contact our lithium ion battery safety experts at for a free battery safety consultation.

Let us help make your technology safer.