Revisiting Nexceris’ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Advancements from MS&T 2018

Remember MS&T 2018 in Columbus, Ohio? No?!  Well, all of us at fuelcellmaterials want you to remember what we talked about and fueled up your brain a bit.  If you were able to attend, we appreciate your time and effort, and this is just a top off.  However, if you couldn’t make it, we have links to a couple of presentations that were given at the conference to fuel your tank.

Dr. Neil Kidner talked about “Functional Interfacial Layers to Reduce Detrimental Cell Interactions”. The slides cover Internal Reforming, Sealing Interface, Electrolyte/Cathode Interface, and Active-area Interconnect Interservice. Some of the topics noted in the presentation: R&D capabilities, coating development, aluminization, insulation, catalysts, and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) development.

Dr. Naftali Opembe talked about SupircatTM which is a high performing internal reforming catalyst technology for SOFC applications.  Items in the presentation that are mentioned: the FCM product line, catalyst technology, SOFC stack design, and study results.

We have embedded the presentations below and hope you will take some time to check them out.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by clicking MATERIALS or calling us at 614.635.2025. 


Please keep in mind, is a product line of Nexceris.  You will start seeing a little bit of a transformation in the next few months.  Don’t worry! The only thing that is changing is the look. Why are we doing this? Nexceris is rebranding our products and services to reduce confusion and create a more cohesive look and flow. It will also let everyone better understand how we can be useful in a variety of areas from other materials, fuel cells, and sensors.