Nexceris and TFactory Leading Experts in Lithium-Ion Safety and Providers of the Li-ion Tamer® Off-Gas Monitors

Randall Stacy (CCO) and Mr. Hyung-Seok Choi (CEO and Founder of TFactory)

On February 13, 2019, Nexceris and TFactory announced a partnership for exclusive rights for our Li-ion Tamer® off-gas monitoring system in South Korea.

Energy storage is growing at an astounding speed due to the decreasing prices in lithium-ion batteries. Use case scenarios for large scale lithium-ion battery energy storage systems are plentiful, including renewable energy bolstering, peak shaving, frequency regulation, uninterruptible power supplies, energy resilience, and many more. Nexceris has developed Li-ion Tamer®, a product which is the result of 9 years of research and development with the US Navy to increase safety of lithium-ion batteries on military ships. The Li-ion Tamer® system is used to understand when off-gas events happen, which precede thermal runaway and enables the prevention of energetic battery failures if proper mitigating action is taken.

The off-gas monitors can be integrated in several ways, including existing battery controls for initiating electrical isolation or fire systems for initiating fire suppression (with other coincident signals) and/or ventilation. The Li-ion Tamer® system is an easy to install product that does not require electrical or mechanical contact with battery cells. Our products are a redundant and independent and create a new layer of valuable safety information.

Li-ion Tamer Monitoring System[/caption]

The Li-ion Tamer® system provides the capability to detect single cell failures, which allows action to be taken before failures begin propagating to surrounding lithium-ion cells, modules, and racks. Our systems help protect your people, property, and brand.

TFactory is ahead of the game when it comes to fire prevention of lithium-ion batteries. As the exclusive distributor of Li-ion Tamer® within South Korea, they can help the energy storage industry move forward where it is currently stagnating due to safety concerns. We are very proud to have a partnership where safety is a priority.

We have released a joint press release to explain more about the details and is available for download HERE. If you have any questions or want to know more about the Nexceris Li-ion Tamer® product line, visit or reach us at