Li-ion Tamer Receives Game Changer Award

Li-ion Tamer is really starting to get noticed for the unique product that adds another layer of safety and helps to prevent battery fires in energy storage systems (ESS). The innovative new lithium-ion battery monitor detects off-gas before thermal runaway occurs.

Randall Stacy (Right) receiving award

In February, the Li-ion Tamer group was nominated for the Connected Plant Game Changers Award. This program was initiated to recognize those who are leading implementation of digital technologies in their field. We have been selected as one of the winners of this year’s awards. Randall Stacy, our Chief Commercial Officer, went down to Charlotte, NC to accept the award on the behalf of our team.

Other companies who won the award were Duke Energy, Florida Power & Light Company, Exelon, Georgia Power Company, Siemens Energy and a few more.  We are excited to be part of the group that is considered champions in the power generation and chemical process industries.

Congratulations Sensors Group!

With all of the green, sustainable, clean, renewable and alternative energy technologies, we want to be there talking about safety.  This energy has to be stored somewhere to capture the full value potential of the grid.  When it comes to battery storage, we will be there to monitor the energy storage system and alert if there is potential for danger.

Li-ion Tamer Team from left to right: John Welsh, Joseph Yates, Kyle Shen, Steve Cummings, Cody O’Meara, Nick Frank, Josh Emerick, Fred Clark and Mark Evans