Introducing Proton Conducting Materials to our Catalog

We are excited to announce that we have added a line of proton conducting powders to our electrolyte materials catalog.  Barium Zirconate materials have increased in popularity recently as researchers have been working to find new ways to operate at lower temperatures and they are showing promise as a replacement electrolyte layer in Solid Oxide Cells and reversible fuel cells as well.  As we have noticed these industry trends, we wanted to bring them to our store as a service to our customers in order to provide more access to these materials.

Yttria-doped barium zirconates such as BZY and BZCY can be used as an electrolyte in Proton Ceramic Fuel Cells (PCFC) mainly due to their excellent chemical stability and high ionic conductivity. PCFCs move protons instead of electrons, and since protons are a more mobile charge carrier, they have the opportunity to be operated at much lower temperatures (less than 600 °C) than current SOFC technology. This helps reduce balance of plant costs and solves some of the other engineering challenges associated with higher temperatures.  We are excited to follow the work being done at research institutions around the world to introduce these materials into new cell designs in order to achieve the performance and efficiencies that will move the industry forward.

We have inventory available of BZY20 (Yttria doped Barium Zirconate) and BZCY (Ceria and Yttria doped Barium Zirconate). Both of these powders can be purchased in smaller 150 gram quantities for quick lab tests as well as larger 500 gram and 1 kg quantities to meet your needs when scaling up your project.  We would be happy to talk with you about custom proton conducting powder options such as other material compositions or different stoichiometries. Please reach out and contact us by using the form below if you have any questions.

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