Nexceris’ Li-ion Tamer Receives Award for its Impact on the Global Economy

We are honored to announce Li-ion Tamer, a wholly owned entity of Nexceris, has been chosen as The Cleanie Awards Gold recipient for Startups. And today, our own Randy Stacy, Chief Commercial Officer/Managing Partner, accepted the award at a ceremony at SPI (Solar Power International) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Cleanie Awards program is the first comprehensive awards program exclusive to the cleantech industry. The program sets out to recognize innovation excellence, business leadership and superior outreach campaigns.

Cleanie Awards“This award exemplifies the impact that safety has on cleantech and the value that is being placed on making energy storage safe,” said Randy Stacy.

Li-ion Tamer, which is a developer and manufacturer of safety systems for lithium-ion batteries, began as a technology developed by Nexceris through a small business innovative research (SBIR) contract with the U.S. Navy in 2010.

Li-ion Tamer has leveraged experience from the Responsible Care initiative that began in 1984 and has helped the sustainability of global chemical industries through improvements in the chemical manufacturing industry’s environmental, health, safety and security performance. We believe the same model and commitment to safety will bring sustainability to the growth of the global ESS industry.

Learn more about The Cleanie Awards here.