Nexceris CTO Receives Medal for His Significant Impact in the Ceramics Industry

Scott Swartz, Nexceris CTOWe are pleased to announce that our very own Chief Technology Officer, Scott L. Swartz, was recently named the medal winner of the Leadership in the Advancement of Ceramic Technology award.

This medal by The American Ceramic Society recognizes individuals who have made great contributions to their organization’s success as well as showcases substantial accomplishments in innovation in the ceramics industry.

Swartz is a co-founder of Nexceris and lead the technology development of the company that has allowed us to be a premiere technology provider of solid oxide fuel cells, sensors and related technologies. Currently he is focused on managing SOFC technology development, leading government business development activities and growing the company’s intellectual property portfolio. He also continues to provide technical leadership and vision to the company so we can expand our products and services to partners worldwide.

Swartz has authored more than 60 papers, received 20 U.S. patents and 15 foreign patents. He plays a tremendous part in the advancement of the ceramic technology. We are proud of the work and effort that Swartz puts into work each and every day for the betterment of Nexceris, our customers and the entire ceramics industry.

Join us in congratulating Scott Swartz! He will be accepting his medal at the ACerS Awards Banquet at MS&T in October.

Learn more about the award and The American Ceramic Society here.