DOE Awards Nexceris $3 Million for the Advancement of SOEC Applications

We are excited to announce that Nexceris has been selected for a project award by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In this $3 million project, Nexceris and our partners, Northwestern University and the Colorado School of Mines, will develop and demonstrate reversible solid oxide cell (RSOC) stack technology at the prototype system level. This technology will enable hydrogen production costs of less than $2/kg at the large-scale system level (100 kW or larger).

Nexceris founder and Chief Technology Officer, Scott Swartz, said “This is a great opportunity for Nexceris to demonstrate how our advanced SOC stack materials, designs and stack technology can enable highly efficient hydrogen production and energy storage. Nexceris and our partners are grateful to the U.S. Department of Energy for this financial support.”

This announcement comes as part of the DOE’s effort to make SOFC systems commercially available for hydrogen production and power generation, with the goal of vastly reducing atmospheric emissions while ensuring a reliable and efficient electrical grid. The project awarded to Nexceris is one of 12 projects that are being funded, with total DOE investment of approximately $34 million.

During this project, which will be led by Senior Research Engineer, Emir Dogdibegovic, Nexceris will demonstrate world-class performance at the solid oxide cell and stack levels, and will build a prototype system to demonstrate reversible SOFC operation at high round trip efficiencies. Northwestern University will contribute their knowledge of RSOC fuel electrode materials and conduct long-term pressurized testing on button cells before the impacts of pressurization are assessed in RSOC stacks. The Colorado School of Mines will be contributing its RSOC system design, pressurized stack testing capabilities, and system techno-economic analysis based on the demonstration system tests in the project.

We are thrilled to begin this project and provide our expertise and knowledge around SOFC and SOEC technology, and believe this is an important step in creating a future with greener energy. To learn more about Nexceris and the work we do, read our About Us page here: