As a CESA Webinar Panelist, Nexceris Discusses Early Off-Gas Detection and Protection

Early Off-Gas Detection and Protection

Nexceris was proud to recently take part in a webinar hosted by the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA), along with panelists from Duke Energy and the Energy Safety Response Group, to talk about how to Futureproof your BESS RFQ for Safety.

The webinar was attended by developers, utility and load serving entities, regulators and policy makers and others interested in learning more about the rapidly evolving energy storage industry. Primarily, where does the responsibility lay for battery energy system safety and what can we do to avoid conflict with future codes and standards as they emerge.

Our own Steve Cummings, Director of the Sensors Business Unit, Nexceris & Li-Ion Tamer, spoke on the gas detection side of energy storage safety. He spoke about how having early detection is critical in the overall safety of energy storage systems, and how Li-Ion Tamer’s off-gas detection system can provide the earliest warnings to prevent catastrophic events which have occurred across the world.

Steve explains the definitions of off-gas and thermal runaway, and also outlines the four stages of battery failure as defined by Nexceris. Specifically, Steve talks about the propagation hazards of damaged cells, which can lead to catastrophic events, and how off-gas detection is the best way to prevent serious damage.

To learn more about off-gassing, as well as managing energy storage systems in a time of changing codes and standards and applying best safety practices in energy storage, we’ve posted the entire webinar on YouTube, which can be viewed here:

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