Advanced Coatings to Enhance the Durability of SOEC Stacks

Sergio Ibanez, a Senior Process Engineer at Nexceris, presented an update on Advanced Coatings to Enhance the Durability of SOEC Stacks at the DOE Hydrogen Program: 2022 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting held on June 6-8, 2022.

What follows is a summary of the presentation and the underlying project.

Project Vision:

Development of a comprehensive coating strategy to address the critical SOEC degradation mechanisms of metal corrosion and chromium evolution

Project Impact:

Efficient and durable SOEC systems will support the transition to renewable, energy-efficient, and low cost H2, creating paths to more valuable utilization of methane. By implementing an integrated coating strategy to reduce SOEC degradation, it will allow sustainable, large-scale H2 production from excess grid power generation. This project allows Nexceris to strengthen relationships with partners within the HydroGEN Consortium.

Solid oxide electrolyzers are not as commercially advanced as alkaline or PEM electrolysis since adoption has been limited by degradation. This project will develop new integrated coating strategies to address degradation caused by metal corrosion/chromium evolution from metallic components, to improve SOEC durability, and accelerate commercialization.

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