Hybrid SOFC/Turbine Power System

The Nexceris, Czero, and Brayton Energy teams launched a large project with the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy in early 2022.

What follows is an overview of the project and a status update.

 Project Vision

Nexceris and the project team are designing, building, and will demonstrate an ultra-high efficiency hybrid power system. This system is based on Nexceris’ pressure tolerant and high efficiency solid oxide fuel cell stack and a gas turbine.

SOFC Stack Development Work at Nexceris

The work completed or ongoing includes:

  • Developed and validated model for reducing thermal gradients by spatially controlling the internal reforming reaction
  • Developed and implemented improved sealing materials and approaches to enable pressurized stack operation
  • Established large-area stack design for integration into prototype system
  • Validated stack designs by achieving targeted performance in sub-scale stacks
  • Pressurized testing of SOFC stacks is ongoing
  • Currently, manufacturing cells and preparing for stack production for system demonstrations planned for Q1 of 2023

This project is being funded under the ARPA-E INTEGRATE program.  Nexceris, Czero, and Brayton Energy are grateful for this funding and for the opportunity it provides.

Please click here to review a summary of the project and presentation prepared by Scott Swartz at Nexceris.