Li-ion Tamer named among Top Innovations of 2022 by Honeywell

Li-ion Tamer was recently recognized by Honeywell as one of the Top Innovations of 2022. In highlighting the top innovations of the previous year, Honeywell shines a spotlight on the “inventions and upgrades that are enabling efficiency and promoting safety in buildings, air travel, industrial operations and beyond.”

Li-ion Tamer was recognized for improving electric vehicle safety. Nexceris’ strategic partnership with Honeywell leverages demonstrated Li-ion Tamer technology and Honeywell’s automotive component design and manufacturing capabilities. The gas detection solution for electric vehicle battery packs helps detect and mitigate conditions leading to thermal runaway—a phenomenon that causes extremely high temperatures within the battery cell and can result in a fire. Li-ion Tamer EV is the only technology capable of offering detection across the entire range of battery failure cases.

According to Honeywell:

“Enhancing EV battery safety is critical for not only EV drivers but also those who make and transport EVs and others on the road. While rare, batteries made for EVs can catch on fire if there are internal defects, an external short circuit or if the batteries are over-charged. 

By collaborating with global vehicle manufacturers to deliver advanced gas detection solutions for EV battery packs, Honeywell and Nexceris aim to enable early intervention in the event of a safety concern.”

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