Nexceris and Li-ion Tamer Featured in WSJ Article on How to Best Extinguish Electric Vehicle Fire

Nexceris and its Li-ion Tamer technology were featured in The Wall Street Journal on November 8, 2023.

The article is titled “Best Way to Extinguish a Flaming Electric Vehicle? Let It Burn.

The article discusses how electric cars combust differently than their gas-powered counterparts. Firefighters and researchers said EV fires last longer, are harder to put out and have a tendency to reignite. 

Nexceris was highlighted as a new technology to prevent EV fires. What follows is the paragraph were Nexceris was mentioned:

“Some car manufacturers and their suppliers are trying to prevent EV fires with new technology. Audi has filed a patent application for a battery that can extinguish its own fire. Industrial conglomerate Honeywell and energy company Nexceris are creating early warning sensors for batteries, and 3M is working on materials meant to contain thermal runaway.”