Lewis Center Firm Receives Transformative $30M In DOE Clean Energy Funding

Nexceris (also known as NexTech Materials), a green energy company in central Ohio, received a $30-million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to scale up production of its electrolysis stack technology.

STEM needs less competition and more camaraderie

As the world pauses today to celebrate Women and Girls in Science, one woman in Central Ohio is hoping that we can encourage a little more camaraderie and a little less competition in the STEM fields.

Susanna Tanck, an engineer at Nexceris, a Lewis Center, Ohio-based, renewable energy-focused company, said while she hopes we can achieve more equity and intersectionality for women in STEM, she feels that we might encourage more young women to study STEM subjects if we make more room for them.

Nexceris’ chemistry wizard helps turn Earth green

Judy Garzanich got her start in science as a fallback career when the gig she really wanted was unavailable.

“When I was a kid, I desperately wanted to be a wizard, and I was crushed when I got old enough to realize that wasn’t possible,” Garzanich remembered. “While in high school, my chemistry teacher performed and had us perform fun experiments that got me interested in chemistry, and I realized it was the closest I could get to using magic as an adult.”

Jane Oberhauser: Engineering a Better World

Jane Oberhauser, an accomplished engineer and problem solver, has a passion for science, creative thinking, and advancing technology. Oberhauser plays a pivotal role at Nexceris, a Lewis Center, Ohio company. Nexceris develops efficient energy storage and production systems for the world’s transition to clean energy.

Environmental biologist creates better world for tomorrow

February 11 is International Women and Girls in Science Day and all over the globe, people are finding ways to celebrate the ways in which women have, are, and will contribute to science. Many of them live and work in Central Ohio and are making a difference in the lives we lead.

Lura Armbruster, a production area lead at Nexceris, a Lewis Center, Ohio-based company focused on renewable energy sources, is one of those women.

Nexceris & FCM Attending H2 & FC Expo 2024

FCM-FC Expo 2024

Nexceris and Fuel Cell Materials (FCM) are excited to take part in the H2 and FC Expo (International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo) held at the Big Sight convention center in Tokyo, Japan from February 28th to March 1st as part of Smart Energy Week.

Nexceris Electrolyzer business receives DOE-funded support to accelerate clean energy technology to market

About Nexceris

Based in Ohio, Nexceris’ Electrolyzer business was one of 111 organizations to receive U.S. Department of Energy funding to accelerate market adoption of clean energy technologies. Nexceris’ Electrolyzer business, a provider of highly efficient electrolyzers for industrial applications, was awarded funding from voucher provider RTI International for its AACE Class 5 Techno-Economic Analysis.


About Nexceris

Nexceris, a clean energy innovator with more than 25 years of focus on renewable energy, is pleased to announce that Hyundai Motor Company, including its affiliate Kia Corporation (HMC(KIA)), a company incorporated in the Republic of Korea, has signed a joint development agreement with Nexceris focused on SOEC (Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell) innovation and demonstration.

Nexceris and Li-ion Tamer Featured in WSJ Article on How to Best Extinguish Electric Vehicle Fire

Electric vehicle

Nexceris and its Li-ion Tamer technology were featured in The Wall Street Journal on November 8, 2023. The article discusses how electric cars combust differently than their gas-powered counterparts. Firefighters and researchers said EV fires last longer, are harder to put out and have a tendency to reignite.