Nexceris’ Li-ion Tamer Announces Partnership with Honeywell

Li-ion Tamer has announced a global distribution partnership with Honeywell to increase the safety of lithium-ion batteries worldwide.

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As an established player for 25 years and a pioneer in the alternative energy space, Nexceris focuses our materials science expertise on creating innovative products that improve the quality, efficiency and safety of energy and environmental systems. Our vision is to create a better world through energy innovations.


Nexceris’ R&D and product delivery through commercialization focuses on the intersection of energy and environment. Our engineers and materials scientists work side-by-side with our customers throughout the world to develop and commercialize products, systems and materials.
Nexceris brings comprehensive expertise and value to our customers through our global reach in developing clean energy products including, advanced sensors & monitors, fuel cell materials and solid oxide fuel cells. Our product pipeline includes a range of commercially-ready gas sensors and monitors, materials for energy, catalyst and corrosion protection products.


Nexceris is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to satisfy our customers. We were recently awarded the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 certification which directly illustrates this commitment.


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The LEVER Process is our proven collaboration method, which utilizes your technology and Nexceris’ expertise,
to allow our partners to move faster to commercialization.

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Energy Storage Safety

Protect your personnel, property, and brand from lithium ion battery incidents with new safety products that give you control at the earliest possible indication of failure.

Fuel Cell Materials

Commercializing innovative ceramic materials technology and products that will make an impact on the evolving solid oxide fuel cell, coatings, catalyst and battery applications.

Sensors & Monitoring

Combining materials science expertise with electrochemistry to create specialty sensor products for superior monitoring and detection of hazardous gases in complex environments, Nexceris’ sensors unit will continue to expand in the commercial realm.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Producing Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) materials, manufacturing planar cells, making and testing SOFC stacks, solid oxide fuel cell technology is being developed to provide power sources offering fuel flexibility, high efficiency, high power density and quiet operation.



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Working at nexceris

Nexceris, LLC is a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of products that improve efficiency, performance and cost of energy and environmental systems. The company does business in more than 70 countries through internet, distributors and direct sales. Products include solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), SOFC fuel cell components and materials, catalysts, sensors, gas monitors, coatings and government R&D services. Team members of Nexceris are passionate about working with customers to find innovative solutions facing our future needs for cleaner and more sustainable energy.

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Jane Oberhauser: Engineering a Better World

Jane Oberhauser, an accomplished engineer and problem solver, has a passion for science, creative thinking, and advancing technology. Oberhauser plays a pivotal role at Nexceris, a Lewis Center, Ohio company. Nexceris develops efficient energy storage and production systems for the world’s transition to clean energy.

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