Nexceris LEVER Process Graphic

The LEVER Process is our proven collaboration method, which utilizes your technology and Nexceris’ expertise, to allow our partners to move faster to commercialization.

Nexceris’ Sensors Unit has been rapidly expanding in the commercial realm while continuing to experiment with safety monitors and sensors.

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The fuelcellmaterials product line was established to commercialize innovative ceramic materials technology and products.

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Nexceris is currently developed cutting edge sodium solid-state battery technology.

Nexceris is on the cutting edge of providing battery materials that support clean energy storage.

To support the growing hydrogen generation market, Nexceris provides expertise and solutions for the development of Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells (SOEC).

The Nexceris Fuel Cell Business Unit currently is focusing on development of SOFC stack technology for power generation, long-term energy storage and reversible operation for grid support applications.

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Nexceris tailors its catalyst solutions to customer needs.