Nexceris, University of Louisiana, and Idaho National Lab are Partnering on New Power Generation System Project

Nexceris is excited to announce that we are partnering with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the Idaho National Laboratory on a new project which will utilize our expertise of solid oxide fuel cells to create an energy storage and generation system to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the aviation industry. 

Solid oxide fuel cells, like the ones Nexceris creates, are being eyed by the aviation industry, who’s pushing for cleaner means of air travel. In the past, SOFCs were not suitable for aircraft due to their weight; However, as the technology has advanced to be more efficient and lighter, these fuel cells are now able to be utilized to help reduce emissions during flight.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the recent recipient of a $2.26 million grant, which is part of a $18.5 million round of funding from the Department of Energy’s Range Extenders for Electric Aviation with Low Carbon and High Efficiency, or REEACH, program. Altogether, eight projects received REEACH funds. This initiative aims to decrease energy usage and associated carbon emissions for commercial aircraft propulsion systems.

To read more about this partnership, you can read the press release here: