Nexceris Announces the Launch of Adena Power

Nexceris is excited to announce the launch of a new business, Adena Power, to support the commercialization of a sodium-solid state battery system.  The technology is designed to support the clean energy transition and the massive expansion of new energy storage required to deliver clean affordable, and reliable electricity from renewable energy sources to homes across America. 

Adena Power’s sodium solid-state battery technology was developed by the dedicated team at Nexceris to address the need for a lower cost, longer duration, and safe energy storage solution. The technology addresses the shortcomings of Li-ion batteries, is based on an intrinsically safe battery chemistry, and is made from low-cost, sustainable domestic raw materials eliminating supply-chain disruptions and providing an alternative energy storage solution for the electrical grid. This technology has been supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) through a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract.

“The Adena Power battery technology leverages Nexceris’ nearly 30 years of ceramic processing experience to innovate beyond existing battery technologies and provides a differentiating energy storage solution that delivers superior performance and economic viability versus other leading battery technologies,” said Adena Power’s President, Dr. Neil Kidner. “We believe the combination of a strong intellectual property portfolio, extensive processing know-how, and unparalleled market access, provides us with a tremendous sustainable advantage and opportunity.”


About Nexceris: Nexceris is an energy innovation company dedicated to the clean energy transition. Founded in 1994, Nexceris’ vision is to create a better world through clean energy innovations. The company collaborates with global customers and partners to transform powerful ideas to make energy production safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible. Currently, Nexceris is focused on clean energy applications in stationary energy storage and electric vehicles, including new battery products from Adena Power and safety monitoring systems such as Li-ion Tamer.  Learn more at