FCM-FC Expo 2024

Nexceris & FCM Attending H2 & FC Expo 2024

Nexceris and Fuel Cell Materials (FCM) are excited to take part in the H2 and FC Expo (International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo) held at the Big Sight convention center in Tokyo, Japan from February 28th to March 1st as part of Smart Energy Week.

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About Nexceris

Nexceris Electrolyzer business receives DOE-funded support to accelerate clean energy technology to market

Based in Ohio, Nexceris’ Electrolyzer business was one of 111 organizations to receive U.S. Department of Energy funding to accelerate market adoption of clean energy technologies. Nexceris’ Electrolyzer business, a provider of highly efficient electrolyzers for industrial applications, was awarded funding from voucher provider RTI International for its AACE Class 5 Techno-Economic Analysis.

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What are the best applications for SOEC electrolyte powders?

SOEC electrolyte powders are materials that enable the operation of solid oxide electrolyzer cells (SOECs), which are devices that use high-temperature electrolysis to split water and/or carbon dioxide into hydrogen, oxygen and/or carbon monoxide. Some of the best applications are for hydrogen, syngas or oxygen production.

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How are SOFC Electrolyte Powders Used?

SOFC electrolyte powders can be used in various ways to enhance the performance of solid oxide fuel cells. Nexceris, through our FCM group, manufactures a variety of SOFC electrolyte powders of different materials depending on the desired properties and operating conditions.

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Li-ion Tamer EV image

Li-ion Tamer and Honeywell Featured on Automation.com

To address safety concerns across the spectrum of people involved in EV manufacturing, transport and use—from drivers to EV plant workers to first responders and others—Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) and Li-ion Tamer have created a number of ready-now solutions to not only protect individuals and assets, but also to help detect the risk of battery fires sooner.

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