Nexceris Named 2019 Smart 50 Awards Honoree

Nexceris - Smart Business Smart 50

We would like to congratulate Kyle Shen, President and CEO of Nexceris, for being nominated as a 2019 Smart 50 Awards Honoree in the area of Innovation.

Happy Anniversary Nexceris!

As Nexceris celebrates its 23rd anniversary, we take a minute to discuss the exciting new opportunities in the year ahead […]

NextCell-HP: Bringing Advanced Manufacturing to SOFC Components for Improved Performance

fuelcellmaterials is pleased to announce the addition of the NextCell-HP product line to our SOFC component catalog. […]

Use Our Li-ion Battery Safety Experts to Investigate Your Battery Applications

Looking for lithium ion battery safety advice? Through developing safety products for the lithium ion battery market, Nexceris’ Li-ion Tamer® team has become familiar with the safety approaches for making lithium ion batteries a safer technology. Lithium ion batteries have become an increasingly integrated part of society and have solidified their part in our future. […]

Are You Curious About How your Lithium Ion Batteries Fail? We Can Help Ensure You are Safe!

Are you curious about how your lithium ion batteries fail? Nexceris’ Li-ion Tamer® team has an active lithium ion battery testing program. In this program, we have the ability to characterize battery failures using the following methods: Thermal abuse Electrical abuse Mechanical abuse These abuse factors can simulate fundamental causes of lithium ion batteries failures […]

Li-Ion Battery Safety Article Featured in Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International

Applications Engineer Nick Frank has written an article for the Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International magazine focusing on Li-Ion battery safety, simply titled:  Safety Assurance.  The main goal of the article is to show how adding off-gas monitoring to either a Battery Management System (BMS) or as a stand-alone creates added protection through redundancy sensing. […]

FCM at the World Smart Energy Week

The World Smart Energy Week has come and gone for another year. For the FC Expo, this marked the 13th annual meeting in Tokyo, Japan at Tokyo Big Site. This was the first year that the FC Expo took to the new East Hall; almost half a mile into Tokyo Big Site. While the walk […]

Standard Cathode Powders Used in SOFCs

A Look at Standard Cathode Powders Used in SOFCs   Lanthanum Strontium Manganite (20%) LSM20   Lanthanum strontium manganite is one of the most well characterized standard cathode powders for solid oxide fuel cells having zirconia based electrolytes . LSM typically works best at operating temperatures of 750 °C and higher, and has been a […]